Jan teaches Usui Shiki Ryoho - The Usui System of Natural Healing

Reiki was re - discovered in the late 1890's by Dr. Usui a Japanese Christian Minister.

Jan has a passion to teach Reiki as it helped her in 1986 get rid of her 26 food allergies and pain with a slipped disc.

Jan's family and friends have all learnt Reiki.

You can treat yourself daily with Reiki and also treat family and friends.

In Robina, Reiki courses are conducted by our Reiki Master Jan,

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Reiki 1

REIKI needs to be acquired over 3 or 4 days - You will receive four energy transfers via the crown of your head through to your hands by contact with the Reiki Master. You will be able to treat yourself and others. Reiki is a form of Natural Healing in the realm of holistic health.

After learning Reiki, you can practice at home or work by placing your hands over vital organs of your body to have extra energy boost without conscious effort.

Reiki relieves stress and pain, and stimulates the body's own healing processes. Reiki enhances flow of life force energy through direct touch.

During the class, you will be taught a series of hand positions over the torso, front, head and back. You will be able to give assistance to your family and friends.   

How Reiki can be used in first aid...

  • By placing your hands over the injured site, you can relieve stress and shock and it also reduces swelling.
  • It is great for burns.
  • You could say Reiki is an alternative medicine.
  • Reiki can also be used to treat high blood pressure.
  • On a physical level, Reiki enhances the uptake of oxygen in the haemoglobin by up to 30%.
  • When you use Reiki, your brain wave pattern slows down to the meditational level of 8-10 hertz, equivalent to the natural rhythm of The Universe.

Your Reiki 1 training offers:

  • Hands on healing
  • LOVE
  • Gratitude
  • How to have a deep understanding of why we develop physical and emotional complaints - Metaphysical Principles
  • Ongoing support for life
  • Friendship
  • Certificate on completion of seminar
  • Access to further group activities and ongoing connection with the Usui System of Natural healing for your lifetime

Price :


come back to further classes

for $25 per day (for catering)

Time Committment over 21/2 days or 4 days if ill

Reiki 2   - To  Achieve Your Full Potential   - 

Reiki 2 is an optional advanced level held over a period over the weekend or 3 nights.

You are taught a method to access increased potency of the Reiki energy. You are able to project Reiki energy to others who are not within your reach over a distance without direct touch.

Your telepathic potential and extra-sensory perceptions are enhanced.

You will learn how to facilitate change at sub-conscious level. 

Recommended to therapists and those who have loved ones living away.

Price :

$800  - 2 full days or 3 nites

come back to further classes

for $25 per day (for catering )

Reiki is taught as a self-help procedure

To be able to give help to friends and family or as an aid in voluntary service.

Reiki training robina australia

If you want to take Reiki further into your therapy practice

or want to start a healing business, then

Reiki Practitioner Training is for you.

Reiki  Practitioner  training covers:

  • Setting up practice,

  • Insurance,

  • Business guidance etc.

  • (does not include diagnosis or prescription)

Reiki Practitioner 1& 2 Gold Coast

Over 2 days  - Reiki Practitioner 1  dates to be set

Over 2 days -  Reiki Practitioner 2   dates to be set


$600  per 2 days

Master Level - Reiki Master/Teacher


Min 6years using Reiki 1 & Reiki 2.

Reiki Practitioner 1 & 2.

Hours of practice on application.

Perfect timing with Master/Student.


Between Master/Student

Gold Coast dates to be set.

Gift certificates available for family & friends.

Have you wondered what to give someone special for their 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th ,80th, 90th birthday?



Reiki classes for 2017

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 Gold Coast  Qld 2017

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call or text 0418 281 227   or email us at  info@reikiusui.com.au   

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Reiki 2 -  2017 -  Gold Coast


dates to be set

over sat & sun 10am - 5pm or weekdays


260 RonPenhaligon Way Robina



come back to further classes to review

for $25 per day (catering costs)

Reiki 1 - July 2017


Fri 24th Nov 7pm 10pm

Sat 25th  Nov  10 am- 5pm

Sun 26thNov   10am - 5pm




260 Ron Penhaligon Way




Reiki - Practitioner 1 2017

Over 2 weekdays or over a weekend



Dates to be set

Venue to be advised Gold Coast Queensland

Reiki 1   weekdays

dates to be advised  tues10am -  1pm

Wed    10am - 5pm

Thurs 10am - 5pm



260 Ron Penhaligon Way






Introducing Cath and Roy, Reiki Masters who graduated from our classes:

reiki masters Cath and Roy



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